What Does It Mean?

You or your doctor has seen blood in your urine, a condition called Hematuria. You are likely to be concerned and wondering what it means. Most of the time, the cause of Hematuria is not serious. However, blood in the urine should never be ignored. Your doctor can evaluate you to identify the cause of the bleeding and treat it, if necessary.

Two Types of Hematuria

Blood in the urine may be one of the two types:

  • Gross Hematuria: means that the blood can be seen by the naked eye. The urine may look pinkish, brownish, or bright red.
  • Microscopic Hematuria: means that the urine is clear, but blood cells can be seen when urine is viewed under a microscope.

Both types of Hematuria can have the same causes, and neither one is more serious than the other. With either type, you may or may not notice other symptoms such as pain, pressure, or burning when you urinate.